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"I discovered The Econ Tutor only three quarters ago, at a time when I was struggling with an Economics class called Game Theory. This course was difficult relative to my previous classes and I needed additional assistance that neither the professor nor the T.A’s could provide me.

Going to Eric was one of the best decisions I've made. He thoroughly explained various examples applicable to the class that would never be covered in lecture and his explanation of difficult concepts made learning so much easier for me (as well as other students, I'm sure). Because of this, I began attending his review sessions for other courses regularly.

In truth, I don't know how I could survive these classes without his help.

He works extremely long, hard hours and I firmly believe he is very concerned about students comprehension of the material. I am actually a transfer student and his sessions make me feel as if I'm back in a small, intimate community college class again, which makes learning that much easier. "


"I first heard about Eric through a friend of mine, and decided to go check out one of his homework sessions; I left feeling totally impressed.

First, Eric went around and asked everyone their name. It doesn’t sound like much, but after feeling like a lost fish in the sea of students at UCSD, it felt so nice for an instructor to care enough to ask my name, and try to memorize it.

The material presented at the homework session itself was incredible—it actually made sense to me because Eric went through the problems step by step, and paused in between to make sure everyone was on the same page. He didn’t just get up there, do the problems, and ask for his money.

He really wanted to help us learn and took his time in making sure we did.

After explaining one example, he even starts calling on people during the session to see if we’re understanding—a feature I don’t like sometimes, but one that I appreciate when it’s time to take tests.

The environment at the sessions themselves is great. It provides a venue for students to get together in smaller groups than in lecture and learn together. The sessions help foster community—I’ve most certainly met more people at the Econ Tutor than I ever had in my econ lectures at school.

We’re able to come together in the space that Eric provides, learn, and as cheesy as it sounds, still have a good time. As smart as he is, Eric has a great sense of humor too. He makes great econ jokes. The sessions provide an opportunity outside of lecture, to engage with the material, and have someone who knows what they’re doing help facilitate that.

Eric is really in it for the students, and that’s what’s great about this service. It’s never about him—it’s always about us. He is an academic who loves economics, and loves sharing his knowledge with people. I’m proud to be a part of the community learning space that The Econ Tutor has provided. "


"I found The Econ Tutor through a friend and I must say that it's been one of the most helpful academic finds I've had. I attended a few Midterm reviews for ECON120A at the beginning and they helped me pass the class. Without it I definitely would have failed. I am not a strong economics student, but I am trying to improve. And with the help of Eric's style and straightforwardness, I am learning at a very fast-pace that the professor's don't go at.

I have now purchased the Quarter Pass and I have attended many sessions that I have still found very helpful at each and every session. "

"It's really good to see that Eric's still going strong. I graduated back in 2001, and Eric basically helped me graduate. I was around when he was still small, meeting in small rooms and labs in the library. Even though his operation looks ramped up and as busy as ever, it looks like his dedication and value to students is still there.

I just dropped by because I pointed a friend of mine in his direction (Eric, you should be hearing from him soon). He was telling me about a lot of misinformation professors and TA's are giving about Eric. Don't believe a word of it, unless it's to say that Eric will give you solid knowledge of the class, help with your homework and make you feel confident when going to take an exam.

Thanks Eric, hope to see you around again (it seems like we only run into each other every couple years or so....)"

"I discovered The Econ Tutor during the Summer of 2010, while I was taking 100B with Machina. Honestly, I don't go to class very often and when the tests come around, I panic.

Thankfully, I found Eric. I got B's in my classes without attending most of the lectures. Eric is really helpful. He made learning and studying so much easier for me. I'm buying the quarter pass for the coming quarter. Hopefully, I will see you there =)."

"Too bad that our UCSD professors suck and we have to get some help outside of school. Sometimes I feel that UCSD faculty purposely doesn't teach us anything, so we would have to fail or go to Eric.

Eric knows his stuff! In two hours he explains more than I get during weeks of going to TA's office hours.

Seems like he cares about us and tries to cover all possible problems for the midterms and exams.

I just wish he would start and finish his sessions on time :)"

"I work very hard towards understanding the material the best I can. I utilize all services available to me by going to both the TA's and the professor's office hours.

However, Eric has a way of walking through the material that really works for me.

After I attend one of his sessions I feel that I have a better grasp of the material as well as understand which parts I need to focus on more. I do not go JUST to get answers.

In a school like UCSD you really need to understand the material and not just spew it on the page. Eric does not just give us the answers. If we look confused or bored he stops to see if we are following him and if he feels we aren't he goes back and explains the material a different way.

If it weren't for The Econ Tutor there would be some other service out there, probably one I could not afford because Eric is sensitive to the budget of a student. I am grateful for his help and I think through his help I am a better student. "


"Econ Tutor is wonderful. Before attending tutor sessions I averaged C grades. I now average B grades. I will attend sessions every quarter before I graduate. Everyone should consider atleast attending one session to see if it works as well for you as it does for me."


"You're fantastic Eric. Often times I am confused in lecture and you clear it up nicely. I dont understand why the professors cant do the same. I'd fail without the econ tutor. "


"When I first started attending UCSD, I was a transfer student being thrown into very difficult classes with larger classrooms than I was used to in community college and I was overwhelmed.

After my first midterm, I knew that I needed to do something to help me understand the subject matter more. I began talking to my friends about what they did to study and was first informed about the Econ Tutor.

At my first session, I immediately knew why everyone went.

As soon as you get there, you see students waiting in line to get into the next session. When it was time for my session, everyone crammed into the small back office and sat at rows of desks that were facing several whiteboards filled with information from the last session.

Even though I wasn't in the class of the previous session, the tutor's notes were so through, so step-by-step, that I could under-stand what was going on in the problems and how to solve them. This is something that never happened in class. Ever.

Once the session starts, the students help the tutor decide what to go over and what was lacking in the classroom setting. This is the same kind of individual attention that is so greatly lacking at UCSD.

His method insures that everyone in the room understands not only how the problem works, but why. In class, most of what is covered, with a few exceptions, is theoretical base. The tutor takes that base and gives solid examples of how the problems work.


"I work 50-60 hours a week in a highly regulated industry, which precludes me from attending all UCSD lectures. Attending Eric's no-nonsense sessions has enabled me to perform at a high level in my classes in the midst of a hectic daily routine. His sessions are SHARPLY FOCUSED and RELEVANT.

In UCSD's unacceptably over-subscribed upper division econ courses, counterproductivity is typical: classmates constantly talk, professors ramble, and professors struggle to command attention within cavernous auditoriums. MOST IMPORTANTLY, PROFESSORS RARELY PROVIDE PRACTICAL APPLICATION OF THE SUBJECT. We rarely receive the problem-solving repetition we need in order to best learn the subject.

Conversely, Eric's sessions OPTIMIZE our LEARNING experience. All time is dedicated to practical application of the subject matter. UCSD could learn from his economic approach to teaching as well as from his economic pricing model. I would pay double for his services. He 10 times more helpful than our over-priced textbooks.

Bottom line: Everyone I know who goes to Eric has raised his understanding of the economics as well as their grades."


"I'm a very passive person and if I muster the guts to go out and get help, it has to be easy. Last quarter, I needed help on a midterm, but didn't think to sign up for OASIS before the quarter started. Then a friend told me about Eric's program, and I skeptically attended a review session. Well, I did well on the midterm I was studying for, and became a fan of TheEconTutor. My interest in it was just because how easy it was to get help - just to attend a session and pay the fee, instead of OASIS' having to sign up at the beginning of the quarter. I still can't quite understand why some professors at UCSD are after Eric, seeing as how all he does is help students understand the material and get better grades. Maybe the professors are against grade inflation... "


"Eric is the best. You made upper division Econ classes a lot more tollerable. All those long nights paid off in the end. Thanks Eric for all the help."


"I pretty much went to sessions for all of my upper div econ coureses. After finishing all of my econ courses, i came into a conclusion that everyone should not waste money on textbooks, just purchase the quarter pass because that's what you really need to pass the classes."


"People go to these sessions because it helps; it shows through higher test scores. The fee of $160 for an entire quarter with unlimited visits is a very small marginal cost of education, considering that books are sometimes $150 per econ class. If the student doesn't think that this fee is reasonable, then they can study own their own. For the rest of us, we feel that this fee is reasonable

Considering how much time it saves, this service is invaluable.

Also, considering that I personally spend over $20,000 per year in total expenditures, not including opportunity cost of lost wages. The econ tutor allows poorer students to manage more classes per quarter so that they can earn their degree in a shorter time or at the very least, going to TheEconTutor allow people to work part time and go to school fulltime because of the time saved from studying. Not going to TheEconTutor is both a lost of comparative advantage (i.e. lower grades) and a huge opportunity cost (i.e. lost wages); considering that these are econ students, not going to TheEconTutor is a failure of application of the most basic economic principles.