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Attend In-Person, Online or Watch Recording

Students are encouraged to attend the live Review either in-person or via Zoom. But if you miss the live session, you can always watch the recording.

New Students Free!

New Students can try TheEconTutor for free!
That is, their first session is free!

Quarter Pass Sale: Only $185

The Pass lets you attend all the sessions for all your classes during the Spring quarter . It is a great deal for students who are taking two or more classes as it often lowers the cost of our sessions to less than $7.00 an hour and makes them affordable to all our students.

For example, if you are taking Econ 100A, 110A, and 120A this Spring then the pass lets you attend all of my sessions for all three classes. This includes problem sets, midterm, and final reviews! It is truly an amazing deal and in fact, most of my students get the Quarter Pass.

SAVE EXTRA $10 if you pay with Venmo (Username: Eric-Kyner, Picture: EconTutor Logo) or Zelle (Eric@TheEconTutor.com) or Cash. This lowers the price to $175

On-line Option for Group Sessions

Students now have the option of attending my group sessions via zoom as long as they have an audio and video link.

Reservations are required.

In-Person Group Sessions

Students can attend the sessions in person as long as
1. They are vaccinated and have a booster shot
2. They wear medical grade masks (KN95 or N95)
3. Masks must be properly fitted and worn at all times.
4. Reservations required. Class is limited to 6 students.

If you do not have a medical grade mask,
I am happy to give you one.

TheEconTutor: A Better Way to Learn

Great teaching makes learning fast, productive and rewarding.

At TheEconTutor quality instruction is my number one concern. My review sessions are similar to the tutorials held by your TA except they are professionally done. In fact, most students feel that my lectures are superior to the ones they get from their University Professors.

That is not surprising. Most University Professors are immersed in research and only teach a few hours a week. For me teaching is a craft and a calling. It is all I do: 40 to 60 hours a week, every week of the quarter.

My experience and passion for teaching is hard to match by any University Professor and that helps explain the tremendous popularity of TheEconTutor.