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What Tutoring is Like

At TheEcontutor, I work hard to create a friendly, comfortable environment where I can teach and you can learn. But I need your help as well. The following are a few simple rules or expectations that I have for all my students. Most students feel these rules are reasonable. Others view them as a significant constraint on their behavior. I am view them as part of a contract. The classroom is my work place and these are benefits that I have earned. They help me do a better job and they make my job more enjoyable.

1) Turn off your cell phone and other electronic devices during the lecture.

This means, of course, you will not be able to receive or make phone calls during the lecture.

2) You are expected to stay until the scheduled end of the lecture.

If, for example, a session is scheduled from 7:15 to 9:30pm, then you are expected to stay until 9:30pm.

3) The study guides (i.e. playbooks) are for your own personal use.

Do not copy or distribute the study guides under any circumstances.

Coming to our session.

Step 1 Use the link for Econ Courses to find out when reviews are scheduled for your courses. They are also listed on calender and weekly schedule. We usually have our sessions two to seven days before homework assignments are due or midterm exams take place and we try to post our schedule one week before our sessions occur. However, we are constantly responding to new homework assignments or changes in exam dates, so our schedule will change occasionally. As such, you should check our web sites fairly frequently. In generally, we are very reluctant to change our schedule 24 hours before a sessions takes places but anything posted 4 to 10 days in the future should be considered a tentative date. In fact, we often rely our students to tell us if a time slot doesn't work for them and we will try to adjust our schedule accordingly.

Step 2 Create Your Account In order to attend our sessions, you must first set-up your student account. This is basically your name and an e-mail address. All this information is confidential and will not be shared or sold to any outside firms, academic institutions or government agencies. We use this information to contact you if the schedule changes and to anticipate the demand for our sessions. Some time slots are more popular then others and we try to allocate the most popular time slots to the sessions with the highest demand.