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ECON Courses for Spring 2022

Course # Course Name Instructor
ECON 1 Principles of Microeconomics Candido
ECON 3 Principles of Macroeconomics Ma
ECON 4 Financial Accounting Levkoff
ECON 5 Data Analysis Arnold
ECON 100A Microeconomics A Tocoian
ECON 100A Microeconomics A Newhouse
ECON 100B Microeconomics B Tocoian
ECON 100C Microeconomics C Boomhower
ECON 102 Globalization Muendler
ECON 103 International Monetary Relations Muendler
ECON 109 Game Theory Shishkin
ECON 110A Macroeconomic A Rondina
ECON 110B Macroeconomics B Candido
ECON 110B Macroeconomic B Herreno
ECON 111 Monetary Policy Cohen
ECON 120A Econometrics A O
ECON 120B Econometrics B Ma
ECON 120C Econometrics C Sun
ECON 125 Demographics Tayman
ECON 136 Human Resources Betts
ECON 152 Public Expenditures Fadlon
ECON 171 Decision Uncertainty Newhouse
ECON 172B Operation Research B Newhouse
ECON 173B Corporate Finance Levkoff
ECON 174 Financial Innovations O