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ECON Courses for Spring 2024

Course # Course Name Instructor
ECON 4 Financial Accounting Levkoff
ECON 100A Microeconomics A Famulari
ECON 100B Microeconomics B Grigoryan
ECON 100C Microeconomics C Levkoff
ECON 110A Macroeconomics A Goes
ECON 110B Macroeconomics B Herreno
ECON 120A Econometrics A Candido
ECON 120B Econometrics B Ma
ECON 120C Econometrics C Sun
ECON 129 Cities, Inequality and Innovation Eckert
ECON 164 Economy of India Muralidharan
ECON 172A Operational Research A Newhouse
ECON 172B Operational Research B Newhouse