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Homework Session $20 for 90 minute session
Exam Review Session $20 for 90 minute session
Quarter Pass $175 for all the reviews for all your classes

Payment Options

We offer 3 methods of payment:

Cash You can come to TheEconTutor and pay by cash.
Check You can pay by Check, personal or business. Please make sure to write it out to: TheEconTutor.
Cash App You can pay with Venmo (username: Eric-Kyner, Picture: EconTutor Logo) or Zelle (Eric Kyner, Eric@TheEconTutor.com) .

Refund Policy

Full refund until the end of the second week of the relevant quarter or summer session.

Fine Print

Please remember that we have a strict policy against distributing any material outside of our review sessions. As such, we can not give you any of our lecture notes or sample problems if you miss our sessions. Please don't bother me with such requests. The answer is always "no" (even if you offer to pay more money) and by asking me, you just waste my time and put me in a bad mood. With the quarter pass, we give you a discount on the price, so you can attend all of our sessions, it does not provide any extra privileges.