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ECON 100B - Microeconomics B (Grigoryan)

My earliest record of tutoring Econ 100B is from Winter 2001 with Prof Rauch, but I think I started a year earlier. In any case, once I started, I taught three quarters a year plus one or two times during the summer session. I have done this every year without a break. This will be, approximately, my 80th time tutoring for the course!

This will be Prof Grigoryan 3rd time teaching 100B. His first time was last Winter. He seems very knowledgeable. As a new instructor, he is still finding his way.

I think he is searching for a balance between being too easy and too hard. His exam and homework questions vary from being too simple to being too complex.

His first quarter, his questions were too hard. His second quarter, his questions were too easy. Hopefully this quarter, he will hit the sweet spot!

There is playfulness in some of his questions that make them interesting and suggests that he has a promising future.

Prof Grigoryan typically has four problems sets, two midterms and a final. He will post a practice exam before the actual exam and sometimes he posts extra practice questions. It is important to study the problem set and practice exams.

The course covers a lot of material, but it is not as hard as Econ 100A or Econ 120B. It is challenging but not overwhelming. It is more applied than Econ 100A and that makes it more interesting.

I have reviews for all of the problem sets as well as the midterm and final. Each review comes with a study guide that is tailored to your course and your professor. I specialize in step-by-step instruction that makes difficult problems seem easy or at least manageable.

Writing the study guides and recording the podcast takes a lot of time, but your success is very important to me and I want to make sure that my reviews are of the highest quality.

. The following schedule is somewhat tentative because I do not know when Prof Grigoryan will post his problem sets and practice exams.

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