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ECON Courses for Summer and Fall 2019

Course # Course Name Instructor
1st_Summer_Session 2 Market Imperfections Staff
1st_Summer_Session 100A Microeconomics A Newhouse
1st_Summer_Session 100B Microeconomics B Levkoff
1st_Summer_Session 100C Microeconomics C Levkoff
1st_Summer_Session 120B Econometrics B O
1st_Summer_Session 120C Econometrics C O
2nd_Summer_Session 100A Microeconomics A Famulari
2nd_Summer_Session 100B Microeconomics B Sinitsyn
2nd_Summer_Session 100C Microeconomics C Sinitsyn
2nd_Summer_Session 109 Game Theory Newhouse
2nd_Summer_Session 110A Macroeconomics A Levkoff
2nd_Summer_Session 110B Macroeconomics B Levkoff
2nd_Summer_Session 120A Econometrics A Tocoian
2nd_Summer_Session 120B Econometrics B O
2nd_Summer_Session 131 Environmental Economics Nieto
2nd_Summer_Session 144 Economics of Conservation Squires
2nd_Summer_Session 171 Decisions Under Uncertainty Newhouse
Fall_Quarter _Fall_2019 _
Fall_Quarter 2 Market Imperfections Levkoff
Fall_Quarter 4 Financial Accounting Levkoff
Fall_Quarter 100A Microeconomics A Famulari
Fall_Quarter 100B Microeconomics B Sinitsyn
Fall_Quarter 100C Microeconomics C Du
Fall_Quarter 109 Game Theory Watson
Fall_Quarter 110A Macroeconomics A Staff
Fall_Quarter 110B Macroeconomics B Candido
Fall_Quarter 120A Microeconomics A Candido
Fall_Quarter 120B Econometrics B O
Fall_Quarter 120C Econometrics C O
Fall_Quarter 131 Environmental Economics Jacobsen
Fall_Quarter 138 Economics of Discrimination Bharadwaj
Fall_Quarter 171 Decisions Under Uncertainty Newhouse
Fall_Quarter 172A Operations Research A Newhouse
Fall_Quarter 173A Financial Markets Staff
Fall_Quarter 176 Marketing Sinitsyn