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Quarter Pass: $185

The Pass lets you attend all the sessions for all your classes during the quarter . It is a great deal for students who are taking two or more classes as it often lowers the cost of our session to less than $7.00 an hour and makes them affordable to all our students . The Pass comes with a refund if you do not attend $185 worth of classes.

New Students Free

Now, until the end of the Fall Quarter, new students can try TheEconTutor for free, that is, their first session is free.

Fall 2014

For Fall 2104, I expect to hold sessions for Econ 1, 2, 100A, 100B, 100C, 102, 109, 110A, 110B,111, 120A, 120B, 120C, 131, 171, 172A, 173A, 173B, and 178.

The Econ Tutor


TheEconTutor review sessions are similar to the discussion sessions held by your TAís except they are professionally done. Review sessions are all we do: 40 to 60 hours a week, every week of the quarter. That specialization in teaching allows us to provide excellent quality at a low price. Teaching isnít something we do on the side, while we are conducting research or taking courses. Teaching is all we do. When you come to our sessions, you get an experienced professional instead of a graduate student who may be struggling with her own courses, struggling to teach for the first time or just struggling to speak English. It is like having your own private professor at your side, helping you study for your exams.