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Quater Pass (2nd Summer Session) $90

The Pass lets you attend all the sessions for all your classes during the second summer session. As always, the Pass comes with a refund if you do not attend $90 worth of classes.

Policy

The first 15 minutes of the session is devoted to the sign-in and printing extra Playbooks. In general, the doors will open 15 minutes before the hour and the lecture will start on the hour.
For example, if a session runs from 6:45-9:00pm then the sign-in will start at 6:45 and the lecture will start at 7:00pm. Once the lecture starts, no one will be admitted.

Summer 2014 Courses

Summer Session I: 100A, 110A, 110B, 171

Summer Session II: 100A, 100B, 100C, 131

Fall 2014

For Fall 2104, I expect to hold sessions for 100A, 100B, 100C, 109, 110A, 110B, 120A, 120B, 120C, 136, 171, 172A, 173A, 178. Depending on the Instructor and the level of enrollment, I can also hold sessions 131.

Spring 2014 Quarter Pass Refunds

Quarter Pass Refunds are the difference between the amount that you paid for the pass and the cost of the sessions that you attended. For example, if you purchased the quarter pass for $155 and went to $100 worth of sessions, then your refund would be $155 - $100 = $55. By default, your EconTutor account is automatically credited with your refund, however you can also get your refund by PayPal, Cash or Check.

The refunds for the Spring Quarter should be ready and I am in the process of e-mailing people( July 5).

Unfortunately, the refund procedure is not completely automated so it takes about 50-70 hours to update the records, tabulate the refunds and contact people. Your patience is appreciated.